Sunday, August 8, 2010

The birds for this season

This is the new bird Helga, she is a female Gyr/Saker. She is doing real well and am excited to be flying her.
This is Chloe my female Gyr/Peregrine. She has been molting out well and is done except for a few body feathers.

This little guy is Vertigo my tiercel Peales peregrine. He is a great little game hawk.

Here is a front view of Chloe. She is looking more and more like a gyr falcon. When I pulled her and first weighed her, she weighed in at a tubby 1400 grams. Great bird. Thanks for looking.

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Sky said...

And oh how I hate them! :) Just kidding... to say I love you more than I love them would be more accurate ;) They do mean some fun times out and about with our family and I do love that! :)