Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now it's Uma's turn

Today (9/18/08) I flew Uma my female Harris hawk. Today was her first flight flying free. We walked around the rock pit just to the East of us. Before to long a large Jack rabbit broke and started running to the North. She was off like lightning. Just before she got there, the jack disappeared. She did this two more time. What an effort. She hasn't ever even seen a jack or fur for that matter. I probably need to just give her a baggy first. Pretty exciting stuff though. See ya.

Smoke's first flight

Tuesday (16th) evening I decided that it was time to take Smoke my Gyr/Peregrine Hybrid falcon out and free fly him for the first time of the year. The sun was just starting to drop over the hill. It was pretty cool outside with a very slight breeze. When I picked him up off the perch, I could tell that he was ready to fly. He gripped the glove and started pumping his wings intently. I slipped off the hood and away he went. Man! It was as if he never stopped for the summer. He didn't take a huge pitch but still pretty respectable. He was up about 400' when I released a very fast racing Homer. He put on the after burners in his stoop, touching the pigeon. Normally if he touches the bird he thinks that it is his. NOT this time. He chased it for about 15 minutes, finally braking it off when he realised he wasn't catching it. I quickly through out the lure and watched him come speeding down. Any time you get your bird back, it is a good flight. Pretty sweet. This year aught to be fun. See ya.