Friday, March 19, 2010

Couple more photos from the Utah Sky trials and Jason Bosens Merlin

Getting ready to launch Vertigo. He is a tiercel peales peregrine and a blast to fly.

This is my good friend Gary Moon from Boise. Also a very good falconer.

Birds waiting for there turn.

Thurman Pratt came to spend the weekend with us and see the birds fly. He was my on time apprentice. He works hard at it and is doing a good job. Keep Thurman.

Getting ready to fly Chloe. I made the mistake of getting Chloe to low and subsequently didn't want to fly like she usualy does. Quite a bumber, because she was the one I was most excited to fly. Oh well. There is always next year.

This is Pagen. I chose not to fly her in the trials, because it had been a couple of weeks sinse she had flown. That was probably not the best choice. I flew her Friday after all was done. She flew amazing. Figures. Still very fun to watch.

I like this picture. Good job Jason.

Jason Bosen. This is the guy that got me addicted on this obsession. Jason, Sky is mad at you. LOL

Great day of flights.

Jason is having great success catching starlings in the mink barns of Morgan Utah. Go gettem.

Notice the blood around the right eye. Those little starlings are tough and put up a good fight.

Boise Mini Meet 2010

Just a couple of photos taken by Scott Nichols of Meridian, Idaho. We had a lot of fun at this little mini meet. I flew both Chloe and Vertigo twice each with some very nice flights.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Former apprentice (Thurman Pratt) and myself walking into the field to fly Vertigo my 580gram tiercel Peales peregrine.

Getting ready to launch. These pictures were taken by a very tallented artist Nathan Gross. Check out his web site at

This is Steve Chingrines dog retrieving the pigion after his bird made an AWESOME killing stoop. I think the bird was trying to figure out what was going on. Pretty funny. Steve I am sure is laughing all the way to the bank. Good job Steve.

This picture is of Douge Houghes from Blackfoot Idaho. Also a very talented photographer.
This is Pagen the bird I chose not to fly because she hadn't been flown in about two weeks. That was probably a mistake. I chose to fly her Friday after the trials and she was amazing, driving the pigion into cover. Pretty cool. Maybe next year.

This bird is Chloe. I chose lower her weight so I might get a better response in front of every one at the trials. That was also a mistake, because I got her to low. She was the one that I was most excited about and I screwed it up. Maybe next year with her also.