Sunday, January 15, 2012

Season-to-Date in Photos

Rocky pointing grouse... I am loving this dog- he really is AWESOME!

Pretty picture of hunting area in central Idaho.

With literally NO ROOM in the vehicle, my son Taron got to ride in the kennel on a recent hunting outing! Funny, good times

More cool area

One of my favorite hawking buddies, Gary Moon, stickin' with us in the field

Sage grouse poop= Idaho incense. Ha ha

Spike/ Stinky- my main flying bird right now. "Stinky" because he killed a skunk on his first flight out awhile back!


Female pup that went to Steve Chindgren just before Christmas- I was a bit bummed to see the last of the puppies go- they were proving to be OUTSTANDING!

Paul Masuch's young female pointing grouse

Taron against the beautiful dessert backdrop. Always glad to have my older boys along!