Monday, March 1, 2010

Former apprentice (Thurman Pratt) and myself walking into the field to fly Vertigo my 580gram tiercel Peales peregrine.

Getting ready to launch. These pictures were taken by a very tallented artist Nathan Gross. Check out his web site at

This is Steve Chingrines dog retrieving the pigion after his bird made an AWESOME killing stoop. I think the bird was trying to figure out what was going on. Pretty funny. Steve I am sure is laughing all the way to the bank. Good job Steve.

This picture is of Douge Houghes from Blackfoot Idaho. Also a very talented photographer.
This is Pagen the bird I chose not to fly because she hadn't been flown in about two weeks. That was probably a mistake. I chose to fly her Friday after the trials and she was amazing, driving the pigion into cover. Pretty cool. Maybe next year.

This bird is Chloe. I chose lower her weight so I might get a better response in front of every one at the trials. That was also a mistake, because I got her to low. She was the one that I was most excited about and I screwed it up. Maybe next year with her also.


snafu918 said...

I almost didn't recognize you with your mustache. Sky trials looked like a blast. Still waiting for the ground to thaw so I can evaluate and see where to put a mew.


Nathan T. Gross said...

Thanks for checking out my photos.